Public Affairs Industry

Transforming government functions and building a service-oriented government have become the work direction of governments at all levels. How can governments transform the government functions and improve public services to obtain better public evaluation? How can governments objectively and truly evaluate and improve the efficiency and service level of window service personnel? How can governments collect and analyze the public opinions in politics, economy, and social life to provide data support for scientifically formulating various policies in the background of increasingly complex network environment and diversified public opinion reflection channels? How can governments keep abreast of what the people think, guide the public opinions and deal with all kinds of emergencies quickly and satisfactorily? HCR provides a full range of research and consulting services and data solutions for government departments at all levels.

Service Types

Typical Services

Public satisfaction assessment and improvement

We offer you the following kinds of services:


Establishing a set of relatively stable and scientific public satisfaction assessment indicators that are appropriate for the business of government departments


Carrying out satisfaction assessment on the entire process of business of government departments that the public experience


Discovering the weakness in the government business processes through data mining, internal interview and return visits to dissatisfied public


Putting forward practical improvement suggestions on service weakness and implement such suggestions by publicizing and implementation, training, field counseling and index evaluation to help government departments at all levels to establish a closed-loop customer satisfaction improvement system.

Including the special services on civic relationship management research and closed-loop satisfaction management

Citizen relationship management research






Public products



Closed-loop management of satisfaction

1、Continuous tracking and evaluation of public satisfaction

2、Assessment of indicator system impact and discovery of unsatisfied public

3、Public complaints on key indicators / mining of service weakness

4、Satisfaction repair and improvement

Service trade consulting

With the research covering all service types, we assist the government affairs hall in service monitoring and promotion, hotline monitoring and service enhancement in terms of government service and carry out the comprehensive competitiveness evaluation in terms of government website. We provide "four-in-one" solutions, conduct thorough investigations on cross-system government service processes through unstructured data application analysis and offer service improvement consultation.

Public opinion monitoring and communication effect evaluation

With the comprehensive monitoring on all media (from traditional media such as radio, television, and outdoor screens to the Internet and social media), we can accurately grasp the comments on relevant governments and reactions on related events from the public at home and abroad in the first time, analyze the propagation rules from outbreak warning to propagation tracking and the effect of dissemination of public relations to help you comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of government public relations.

Third-party evaluation

Based on the good social credibility, our project achievements have been repeatedly affirmed by leaders of government departments at all levels. The cooperation of our professional team and the authoritative expert team fully ensure that the evaluation results are professional and authoritative. We have completed more than 100 third-party evaluation cases and thus accumulated solid and effective evaluation experience. With the three-dimensional third-party evaluation experience, we conduct offline evaluation based on the primary data, online evaluation based on the analysis of big data about online public opinions and expert evaluation based on expert experience and scientific meeting method.

Classic Cases

Public Affairs Industry

Government monitoring of public opinions on safety production

Cooperation background

Governments need to strengthen the depth of cognition and the efficiency of supervision on target enterprises.


We collected the information about the latent troubles in safety production exposed and reported by the public and media to grasp the public hotspots caused by safety production accidents and reasonably guided the dissemination of public opinions. We also monitored the negative information about the staffs of the safety production supervision bureaus and the public opinions about enterprises to regulate the government regulation way.

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